Apple iPhone 15 PRO

Case Study

Explore my rendition of a section from Apple's iPhone 15 Pro website, a project designed to showcase my expertise in creating fluid animations and immersive 3D models using React.js and TailwindCSS. To demonstrate the capabilities of GSAP (GreenSock Animation Platform) and Three.js in enhancing web interfaces with dynamic, engaging content.


This case study centers around replicating a key part of the iPhone 15 Pro's promotional website, aiming to highlight the device's innovative features through compelling animations and 3D visuals. By employing a tech stack centered on React.js and TailwindCSS, coupled with advanced animation and rendering libraries, this project exemplifies how sophisticated visual effects can elevate web design.

Core Technologies

  • React.js: Facilitates efficient UI development, enabling interactive elements to render seamlessly.
  • TailwindCSS: Provides a streamlined, utility-first approach to CSS, allowing for rapid, responsive design iterations.
  • GSAP: Enhances the user interface with smooth, professional animations that are both eye-catching and performant.
  • Three.js: Offers the tools to render and manipulate 3D models in real-time, enriching the user's visual experience.


Key Highlights

  • GSAP Animations: Implemented to achieve smooth, subtle transitions that mimic the sleek design ethos of Apple, enhancing the overall user experience with engaging animations.
  • Three.js 3D Models: Allows users to explore the iPhone 15 Pro in vivid detail, with options to view the device in various colors and sizes, showcasing the model's design intricacies.
  • Custom GSAP Video Carousel: A unique feature designed to present product highlights in an interactive format, further engaging visitors and offering a deeper insight into the iPhone 15 Pro's capabilities.
  • Responsive Design: Ensures that the visual fidelity and interactivity of the website are preserved across all device types and screen sizes, providing every user with a consistent, quality experience.


This portion of the iPhone 15 Pro website clone serves not just as a tribute to Apple's design and technological innovation but as a canvas for demonstrating advanced web animation and 3D modeling capabilities. Through this project, I aimed to showcase how GSAP and Three.js can be utilized to create a dynamic, visually appealing web experience that captivates and engages users, underscoring my skills in sophisticated web animation techniques.

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